While the New Era of Clean began back in April of 2020, the start of a new year signifies a fresh start and the perfect time to define new goals. Gone are the days of cleaning for aesthetic appeal, as we learned last year, and now is the time to truly clean for health. To help, we’ve put together some new year’s resolutions for facility maintenance to consider for the health and safety of clients, building occupants, and the general public.

Resolution: Don’t just clean, clean for health

Although information about COVID-19 is constantly changing as we learn more, the virus has been found to persist on some surfaces for more than a week; however, enveloped viruses like coronavirus are actually very susceptible to disinfectants, making them easy to inactivate with the right protocols.

How you can achieve this goal:

  1. Understanding cleaning frequency with a Risk Stratification Matrix. GDI created a proprietary system to determine the scope and cleaning frequency for touchpoints. This free resource, along with other COVID-19 related information, is available on the clean for health website.
  2. Ensure you are achieving the right level of clean. Cleaning removes dirt and germs rather than killing them, while sanitizing lowers the number of germs, and disinfection kills them. Based on the kind of “clean” you are going for; you will want to re-assess your chemical inventory and applications.
  3. GDI Integrated Facility Services offers the Clean for Health program which includes new era of clean protocols for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, and decontamination, as well as cleaning ambassadors, sanitization specialists, and visual markers. GDI has been perfecting its processes since 1926 and is now a leader in the cleaning industry because we follow safety protocols and meet vigorous health standards. Learn more about the program here.
Example Area Probability of Contamination Vulnerability of Population Potential for Exposure Risk Stratification Output
Entrance 1,2,5,7 Heavy Contamination General Population High Touch MODERATE RISK
Senior Living Home
Drop off area
Heavy Contamination More Susceptible High Touch HIGH RISK
Basement Elevator Moderate Contamination Less Susceptible Low Touch LOW RISK
Elevator Level 1 Moderate Contamination Less Susceptible High Touch MODERATE RISK


Resolution: Start thinking about indoor air quality

In October, the CDC updated its guidelines to include airborne transmission as a mode of spread. This increased the need for good indoor air quality going forward into the New Era of Clean.

How you can achieve this goal:

  1. Evaluate your HVAC system for the effectiveness of your indoor filtration system. The air purifying experts at Ainsworth Inc. created the 4-step smartIAQ program to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the air. The first step in the program is to evaluate your filter and determine if it can be upgraded to the COVID-19-recommended MERV-13 filter.
  2. Let the experts at Ainsworth help you balance diluting indoor air with outdoor air through proper ventilation, all while maintaining energy efficiency. We can provide you with cloud-based building automation systems to achieve the balance between performance and energy consumption.
  3. Install Sanuvox UVGI units within the HVAC system to sanitize the coil surface and purify indoor air.
  4. Use occupancy management solutions provided by Ainsworth to detect if people in your facility are wearing masks, have elevated surface body temperature, or are following the proper physical distancing guidelines. 


Resolution: Find a reliable supplier

When the pandemic started, supplies like disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment were hard to come by, making it difficult to stop the spread. Having a reliable supply chain, no matter what the circumstances are, is more important now than ever before. 

How you can achieve this goal:

  1. Ensure your supplier is up to date with the best technologic and scientific improvements such as touch-free facility enhancements and disinfection & hand sanitizing stations.
  2. Use a service provider with a dedicated product distribution and manufacturing team. GDI is supported by its sister company Superior Sany Solutions, which has continually provided cleaning products including hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and critical PPE such as masks and gloves.

We hope you were inspired to not just clean, but clean for health, and to set goals for 2021 that will further improve the health and safety of your occupants! We’re here to help you achieve these types of resolutions – contact us at info@gdi.com today!

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