The Clean for
Health Initiative

For the team at GDI, implementing enhanced cleaning and air quality protocols is not just something we do during a pandemic, it is a part of our daily mindset, because we don’t just clean for appearances – we clean for health in this new era of clean.

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Clean for Health is essentially a service and a responsibility we owe our clients.

Our services fall into three categories, based on the expertise of three of our companies: New Era of Clean Protocols, Technical Services and Cleaning Supplies and PPE.


GDI Integrated Facility Services began implementing enhanced cleaning protocols when buildings began to re-open in May of 2020. We are continuing to offer these services during the pandemic and beyond, as the cleanliness and level of sanitation and buildings can have a major impact on the health and overall well-being of it’s occupants.

GDI has been working with health and safety specialists throughout the pandemic to ensure that our services adhere to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and we have created an internal advisory council and panel of consultants to ensure we provide our clients with the best, most effective and consistent cleaning and sanitizing services.

We have leveraged GDI’s deep knowledge base and cleaning and disinfecting expertise to create our Clean for Health services and informative resource initiative.

GDI Integrated Facility services offers Clean for Health programs with a variety of services including:

Full building cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection
Full building decontamination
Enhanced Contract Cleaning Services incorporating specific Clean for Health protocols
Cleaning Ambassadors to support safer building entry and elevator access protocols
Sanitization Specialists dedicated to providing daily enhanced touchpoint cleaning on high-touch surfaces using dynamic scheduling and PIDAC Risk Stratification Matrix to determine proper frequencies
Periodic or one-time full building decontamination services to ensure added peace of mind
Visual markers to communicate readily disinfected surfaces/areas

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For months, cleaning for health has centered around sanitizing surfaces and touchpoints, but what about cleaning the air you breathe? Many countries are now updating their guidelines to include airborne transmission and have new guidelines on ventilation. To minimize this risk, GDIGC’s Ainsworth has developed the smartIAQ (Indoor Air Quality) program to help everyone breathe a little easier.

The program leverages a number of specialized technologies that measure, monitor and adjust a building’s system to create a healthier indoor environment.

The smartIAQ program is a specialized Clean for Health program that includes:

Providing turn-key service in evaluating, optimizing and verifying the effectiveness of your indoor air filtration system
Providing cloud-based building automation systems that will bring in more fresh air from outside, and based on site condition, intelligently balance between performance and energy consumption
Installing ultraviolet lights to help in sanitizing coil surface in your HVAC system and purifying indoor air
Providing occupancy management solutions to help detect if people in your facility are wearing masks, have elevated surface body temperature, or are following the proper physical distancing guidelines

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Cleaning Supplies and PPE

We wouldn’t be able to offer the Clean for Health programs and services we provide without the technology, supplies and critical PPE that GDIGC Company Superior Sany Solutions provides.

With their own supply chain Superior Sany Solutions offers essential Clean for Health services including:

Touch free facility enhancements and disinfection & hand sanitizing stations
Supplying masks, hand sanitizer, coveralls, wipes, sanitizing solutions and more

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