The team at GDI Integrated Facility Services is proud to be a member of the Cleaning Coalition of America.

GDI joins the ranks of seven other industry giants that clean, disinfect, and sanitize hospitals, health systems and research labs, airports and airplanes, public transit systems, warehouses and other spaces that are essential to the economy.

Launched in April, the coalition was created to represent the needs of an often-overlooked sector playing a vital role in keeping essential services running during the coronavirus crisis. Their goal is to help ensure the highest quality of safety standards and practices, and they advocate for sound public policy with federal legislators and administrators. 

As the country re-opens and people go back to business, cleaning companies and their dedicated team members will be on the fronlines to ensure buildings, businesses and facilities are ready. 

Claude Bigras, CEO of GDI Integrated Facility Services, says “COVID-19 has really highlighted something we knew all along, which was that our custodians and sanitization experts are – and always have been – incredibly important and absolutely essentialThis really is something long overdue for an often over-looked and under-recognized group of professionals.”   

Bigras adds this is a key step in protecting such valuable front-line workers. “If we are asking these people to clean and sanitize surfaces to help prevent the spread of this virus and keep the public healthy and safe, we need to make sure they too are healthy, safe and being compensated accordingly”. 

Claude, alongside GDI’s CMO Fred Edwards, and Mike Boomrod, President of our USA team, represent the GDI family in this group. The coalition is asking U.S. Congress and the Administration to support targeted measures that will help ensure the continuity of business operations and the employment of commercial cleaners, including: 

  • Ensuring professional cleaners have priority access to personal protective equipment (PPE), including disinfectants, gloves, masks, hand sanitizers and other materials needed to combat the spread of coronavirus. 
  • Providing additional funds in the form of grants or tax credits to keep professional cleaners on  payroll so that cleaning companies can get public places cleaned and ready for everyday use before the economy reopens. 
  • Providing well-defined regulatory guidance and clear oversight around liability for companies and organizations involved in the front-line fight against coronavirus; and 
  • Expanding healthcare coverage for workers to ensure they have access to healthcare and protection from COVID-related illness at no cost to them. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the great things the GDI team and the CCOA accomplish. 

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